ST MARY'S ART GROUP            


St Mary's Art Group initially started in 2000, and the meetings were held at St Mary's Church, Hilperton Marsh.

1998, had seen a fair number  people - who are now members of St Mary's Art Group - join an Art Class for Absolute Beginners (Drawing and Painting) with Sue Burns as our tutor. For two years we renewed our membership Year 1, Year 2, then  a Course entitled ADVANCED PAINTING and DRAWING Year 1. This could have gone indefinitely but Sue decided that we were more than competent to move on - and start our own self-help/assisted help Art Group. In other words Sue needed us to move onwards to make space for really needy students!



One of the 'real' originals was Helen Rae. Barney Rowen and Anne Brown joined St Mary's in the second year when membership had reached around 18/20. This appeared to be a suitable number tables were larger and space was limited. Elizabeth Butler joined the next year. Although people have come and gone the group remains committed and still meets in the same place every Tuesday morning from 9.30 a.m. until 12.30




Earlier this year we all joined in a group project which involved each of us painting a small piece of a much larger photograph. We had no idea what the final painting would look like. This is the result!

                     Castle Coombe, Wiltshire


         Two of our lovely ladies celebrated big birthdays recently.

                       Congratulations to you both!


                       Fran - our chairperson- in playful mode!

Promotional collages for exhibitions




Very Recent Goings On
  • Art House Cafe And Trowbridge Civic Hall Nov/Dec

    The end of 2018 was a very busy time for St Mary's Art Group since we exhibited at Trowbridge Civic Hall Christmas Fair on Saturday 24th November and then put an exhibition of 53 paintings up in the Art House Cafe Melksham the following evening. This remained in place until the 22nd December. We also celebrated the end of a great year of painting with Christmas lunch at the Farmhouse public house, Southwick. This was wonderfully organised as always by Pauline Peters.

    Trowbridge Christmas Fair was very enjoyable as we were exhibiting with a huge variety of other stalls. We even got a visit from the
    Town Crier!

    The AHC is always one of our favourite places to exhibit and this year's sales exceeded all expectations.Our thanks to Pattie and Sarah from the Art House Cafe for their valuable support. Above is a link to a newspaper article about our forthcoming exhibition in the AHC.
    A few of the paintings sold at the Art House Cafe this Christmas can be seen below. We hope the buyers enjoy them! 

  • Annual Exhibition 2018

    The dire weather forecast wasn't as bad as anticipated, the attendance was fairly good, and the sales of paintings and cards were very pleasing. So, a successful exhibition once again! Thank you to all our very talented artists and to those that come every year to support us. We really do appreciate it! Particular congratulations must go to Lucinda (Lindy) Eggleton whose painting 'Into The Woods' was voted 'Best In Show' by the attendees. Well done and well deserved Lindy!

    From Wiltshire Gazette & Herald:

    "Many greetings cards as well as paintings sold, and the artists had the chance to show off their finest work at St Mary’s church hall on Horse Road.Art show co-ordinator Fran Cunningham said: “The show went very well, it had a really nice community atmosphere.“We are good friends at the art group and are very supportive of each other.“Even with things that aren’t to do with art, like family life, we are always there for one another.“Its great to be able to show our paintings, some of which can take years to complete, others can be done in a matter of days, so it does really vary.”The group, which originally started in 2000, meets at St Mary’s Church every Tuesday morning.The hold regular exhibitions and sales through the summer and autumn months. They also hold Christmas-themed exhibitions in December." To find out more go to

                     'Into The Woods'

  • 'A FitHer You' gym, Trowbridge

    Trowbridge fitness and weight loss management centre 'Curves' for women was well established in Stone Mill, & links to the Shires Shopping Centre. They opened in a bigger downstairs unit on Monday 14th April, 2014 and kindly offered to host a selection of our art work on their newly painted, pristine, white walls. In 2018 it changed hands to become 'A FitHer You' gym and the new owners kindly have allowed us to keep exhibiting there. It is a wonderful space in which to display our work and we are very grateful to them for this regular hanging space. We change our displays there every three to four months.

Latest News 2019

Holt Summer Exhibition July 6th & 7th 2019
Our summer exhibition in Holt was very successful this year with 
eleven pieces of framed original art selling. Those members selling 
unframedwork, or prints or cards also did well. 

We should like to thank the villagers of Holt and all  other visitors for supporting us
 - especially friends and family. St Mary's Art Group really enjoys exhibiting in Holt and 
chatting to all those that drop in. Your compliments are highly appreciated
and we look forward to returning in July 2020.

Two of the paintings sold at Holt last weekend.

Lindy Eggleton's "Studland Walk'

Anne Deven's 'Ladybirds'

One of our members, Judy Meats, has recently
had this oil painting selected for the Trowbridge Open Competition. 

Well done Judy!
'In The Palace Gardens, Wells'



SOLD! 'Wolfgang-the North American Wolf'.
Congratulations to Sue Barratt on the sale
of 'Wolfgang' at Trowbridge Town Arts.
We exhibited there for five weeks in
April/May 2019.


Saturday July 27th 2019
We will be installing a new exhibition in 'FitHer You' (formerly 'Curves')
next weekend. The new gym owners are keen for everything to
look uncluttered so paintings are spread out into other areas
slightly more.